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Accelerated Action
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It's a one-of-a-kind, focused coaching strategy (getting to the heart of your needs in amazing 15 minute sessions).  I am one of only a few coaches in the world trained in and offering this exceptional coaching technique.  

It's a coaching strategy for high achieving professional women just like you, looking for accountability, renewed energy, proven confidence and consistent, fast, accelerated results.  It's a strategy that enables you to achieve your goals in your business and life faster than every before. 

Who is Laser Coaching for?
This 12-month Unlimited Coaching Program has been designed for crazy busy, time-sensitive, high-achieving, independent professional women who are looking for accountability, renewed energy, proven confidence and consistent, fast, accelerated results in both business and life.

This Program is designed for Accelerated Action & Accountability.

Let me coach you to achieve your goals in your business and life without sacrificing your sanity in either.  I will coach you to reach your goals in less time, with greater focus, energy and results than you previously thought possible.  You will have a clear focus for action and accountability as required to maintain momentum.  You can have success across all areas of your life.  I can help you get there!

Laser Coaching is for YOU!
Does this sound like you?
(Be honest!)

Do you feel like you are not living up to your full potential,
achieving the kind of success that deep down you know you are capable of?

Do you truly believe that it's now your time to make the changes in your life 
that you truly desire, yet, don't know where to start?

Do you have a gnawing feeling, even a little fearful that you're running out of time, 
never going to achieve what you always wanted to achieve.

Do you realise that you can't get to the level of success you crave on your own?

Do you wish you had an experienced mentor to guide you on your way?

If one or more of these scenarios is true for you, then I'm glad we found each other.  
You are in the right place!

AND your time is now. It's time to take the Next STEP!
How does Laser Coaching work?
It's Unlimited For A Year!  

I know you're asking yourself, "What does unlimited mean?  Sounds too good to be true!"  This is an incredible opportunity for your to get a limitless amount of 15-minute one-on-one coaching sessions (by video conference) with me over the course of an entire year.

And you'll probably be thinking "What can we possibly achieve in 15 minutes?"

My Laser Coaching: Accelerated Action Program uses a coaching methodology where we focus your direction and strategize your actions. During our 15-minute video session you will get absolute clarity on which direction you need to have the most amount of forward momentum on your goals in the least amount of time.

Using a unique laser coaching approach (very few coaches in the world have been trained and know how to properly use this exceptional technique), you will be transformed into knowing which actions you need to take every single day to reach your goals in record time.

The calls rely on a highly specialized 4-part system of confirming your goals, identifying next steps, discussing potential challenges and agreeing on what you will accomplish before you schedule your next call.

You will be amazed at how this 4-part system transforms you and allows you to reach your full potential in any area of your life you have chose. All in less time than you ever thought possible.

You focus on getting stuff done, to ensure accelerated action, higher productivity, enhanced outcomes.  You receive motivation, support, and resources needed to stay focused and on track to accelerate your results.   You have access to the same high level of commitment and coaching from me, no matter what your goal.  And if you complete your tasks immediately, you can schedule your next session within 24 hours. 
Enhanced Energy

Fresh energy comes from the clarity of combined perspectives.
Accelerated Action

It's all about YOU and focusing on your actions, results, and outcomes
Proven Potential

Renewed confidence in your ability to achieve beyond your self-imposed limitations

The Process
Our initial session is a 30 minute discovery session, where we will do a deep dive to get clear on what you want to achieve, challenges you are facing, and lay the groundwork. You then book your first 15 minute coaching session (on completion of tasks).

During our 15 Minute Session:
-  we confirm your goals
-  we identify steps to achieve your goals
-  we discuss potential roadblocks 
-  we agree on tasks to be completed

Following Our Session: 
-  simply complete your agreed upon tasks
-  then book your next session

All coaching sessions are recorded.  Following each session, you will receive an email with:
-  a link to a recording of our call
-  confirmation of your current task
-  a link to schedule our next call
-  access to any resources you require
The Rules
You can schedule as many 15 minute coaching sessions as you like.  You simply do your assigned tasks BEFORE you schedule your next session. This ensures you take the ACTION you need to take to get the RESULTS you want. Email support is always available.
The Guarantee
If, during our first 30 minute discovery session, you don't think I can absolutely help you achieve your goals, then we'll CANCEL the Agreement, and I'll REFUND your money immediately.  NO RISK!
Unlimited Coaching for a Year!
Why I love Laser Coaching
I offer this program because I know how important both action and accountability are in achieving goals. Time is a precious commodity for all of us and this program makes the most of your invaluable time, enabling you to focus on what is truly important. You will develop a greater sense of accomplishment and increased productivity is an added bonus! With regular 15 minute sessions, you will have more energy, motivation, confidence and the proven potential to keep moving forward.
Why Laser Coaching is right for you

You know what you want!
You know you want more!
You want it now!
You're starting to think that your "time" is running out.
You just can't find the time to do everything you want to do.
You're tired, you're juggling too many balls and losing energy fast.
Step into your power and own your ambition, whatever it looks like.
Take focused action to achieve targeted results, building your dream.
Be completely confident in your ability and advance beyond your limits.
Clarity around the action you need to take.
External support and accountability to keep you on track. 
To be fearless so you can achieve your goals and create the change you desire.
You're hesitant about making a commitment.
You've never truly invested in yourself before.
You're stuck, a little overwhelmed and doubt is setting in.
Who I am

I love the life I have built for myself. I am able to live and travel amongst different cultures with my husband. I have amazing connections all over the globe, a business that inspires me and a family that I love more than anything. And life hasn’t always been this way…

On 8 October 2002, my dad died from an aggressive brain tumour. His death hit me hard. I lost someone who was an integral part of my life. And beyond my grief, I had two teenage daughters who needed me, I was running two businesses, working 24/7 juggling so many balls. I was racked with guilt because I wanted more than the life I had and a little voice in my head told me that I was selfish and ungrateful for feeling this discontent. At close to 40 years of age, I realised I didn't want to waste what was left of my life.  I didn't want to live by other people's rules anymore.  I wanted to make my own choices, make my own mistakes, create my own future.  I knew I had to create radical change in my life.  I knew I needed help and support.  Yet, I didn't know where to go or exactly what to do, so I withdrew from the world I had been brought up in.

And thus my journey began. I immersed myself into professional and personal development courses, read as many books as I could get my hands on on these subjects and slowly, I began to transform. I realised that first needed to take responsibility for myself, tame those voices inside my head and quit making excuses!


Over the course of a decade I learned about the stages of awareness, accountability and action. I became armed with transformational strategies to help keep me running a profitable business and living a prosperous life on purpose. And it these strategies that I am wanting to share with you.

One of the reasons I'm now where I am is because I am clear and totally in alignment with my life's goals.  Daily I prioritise keeping a positive mindset (despite what's going on around me), always finding fun in what I do and taking daily action towards my dreams.  People comment on this, and I have come to see my energy, enthusiasm, and love of life as undoubtedly my biggest assets.

You too can make changes in your life for the better and it doesn't need to be hard. Having the right guidance and strategies to follow is key. I have created my own life journey and I continue to expand my business globally. And now I also support my clients in their own journeys, enabling them to confidently take that first bold, brave step to create the lifestyle and business they desire.  

Together, we can define your passion and purpose, create strategies to have you let go of what is holding you back and take daily action to have you achieve the success and results you are destined to achieve.

With my Laser Coaching program, you too can achieve success, freedom and RESULTS!


A focused coaching strategy that creates accountability for action takers, to achieve goals and accelerate results consistently and faster than ever before.

That's right, a 12-month Unlimited Coaching Program designed for crazy busy, time-sensitive, high-achieving, independent professional women, looking for accountability, renewed energy, proven confidence and consistent, fast, accelerated results.

It's a one-on-one program fully customised program, totally focused on you and your results. Your focus is on getting stuff done, to ensure accelerated action, higher productivity and enhanced outcomes.  You will receive motivation, support, and resources needed to stay focused and on track to accelerate your results.  
Think of me as more than a coach. While you’re implementing and taking action, I’ll act as your silent (or maybe not so silent) business partner.  I keep you top of my mind, truly taking a vested interest in your success.  Together, we will work on any Business, Career or Life goal you want to achieve.

This Program is designed for Accelerated Action & Accountability
Does this sound like you?
You're SO busy getting on with the day-to-day demands of life.
You keep putting off that big dream until tomorrow!
Until the kids are grown! Until the mortgage is paid off! Until tomorrow!

Of course, tomorrow never comes.  
And, if it does, then self-doubt, fear and procrastination set in
and nothing changes! 

I​​​​​magine your life a year from now.
Are you happy to find that you are in exactly the same place? 
Are you happy if nothing changes? Are you happy to carry on doing the same old thing?
If you're happy to be doing the same thing year after year,
then that's awesome and this program is not for you!

And if in a year, you want to be looking back at what you have achieved and be proud of it, 
then you have to be clear that nothing will change until you set a clear intention
and then take action! 
 This program is focused on accelerated action & accountability!
Laser Coaching can show you how!
Greater Motivation
As long as you haven’t taken action, it is easy to find an excuse to back out. Once you take action, your commitment and motivation are increased. You have started and naturally, you want to succeed. And as you progress your desire to succeed grows stronger.
Focused Action
You're a busy woman with multiple tasks looking for your attention.  With clearer direction, prioritisation becomes much easier. You are more focused on your objectives and quickly identify which task will give you the best result with the resources available to you at that moment.
Improved Skills
Of course, this program is not a magic pill for perfection, challenges and roadblocks will continue to arise and the skills developed will help you deal with them when they do. You will have greater confidence, resilience, personal and interpersonal skills to cope with any eventuality.  You'll have support on your side.
“Anna was a caring, driving and thought provoking Coach who systematically gave clarity of thought to encouraging the improvement of our thinking, systems & results."
"Anna has been assisting me through changes both in my professional and personal life. My initial reaction to meeting with Anna was hesitant, but she has a natural ability to immediately make you comfortable. Anna is a sympathetic person with an underlining steel which makes her extremely good at what she does. I thank her sincerely for getting me through what was one of the hardest years of my life to one of the best."
"Anna has a real knack for getting to the underlying issues and not moving on until they are dealt with. There is no point trying to wall paper over any issues identified as Anna will continue to peel back the paper until the original wall is showing. Then the fun starts with the preparation, cleaning and re painting. Once finished you will know that the job has been well done and that you will not have to deal with that problem again."
"When I hired Anna, I wasn’t achieving the desired outcomes and revenue, I knew I had to change what I was doing to get ahead. Anna was the answer. She is full of energy, ready to inspire and challenge when needed. She has great ideas, full of knowledge and links to resources and books. As a result I gained more confidence and strategies on achieving my goals. My revenue increased 100%. Her personable style made the whole process very enjoyable."
"Anna became involved to help a family business through a transitional period. Her advice & expertise was invaluable. Also her ability to work with the different personalities & get the best out of everyone is a special skill."
"As a Coach, Anna has provided valuable insight and helped us to gain perspective in terms of strategic thinking, managing relationships, prioritizing.  She has helped us to create an environment to give us confidence to push ourselves with our ideas and thoughts. She is the utmost in professionalism whether she is helping with business or personal issues."
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"Anna really helped me clarify my goals. Her down to earth approach and her business knowledge allowed me to develop my business. I highly recommend Anna as your next point of contact for building your business into the 'gold mine' it will become. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity."
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"As a result of Anna’s coaching, I have embarked on a totally new career as a speaker, trainer and coach myself. A new door of possibility has opened and it was one that I did not know was there, right in front of me, until I was shown what the door was made of. All thanks to Anna! Thank you Anna for starting the process of change. If you are looking for something, a change, a new way of being, a new career, a new world, then I would highly recommend coaching with Anna and having her on your team."
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